We help clients tell their business stories, on screen & on stage

Storytelling is a powerful form of communication that exploits a human condition. Our brains are constantly firing off random thoughts and ideas, but when we hear a story being told we fix our attention on the storyteller and their narrative.

Stories can establish an emotional bond and create ever-lasting memories. Every business has a story to tell. What’s your business story?

We provide three core services:


We will help you craft a business story that’s personable and relatable. All great stories have a beginning, middle and end – with a few plot twists along the way. Business stories start with an initial challenge, then explain the solution before moving to the mission or journey you are currently on. Effective business stories are honest, simple, memorable and aligned with business vision.


We will create the bespoke content that brings your business story to life. This might be in the form of a highly engaging video. Or an impactful brochure, creating a communications product that audiences will treasure and keep. Or an expertly crafted speech that’ll grab attention and keep everyone hooked, thanks to its conversational language and storytelling structure.


We will produce your event with your business story providing its over-arching narrative. Whether in-person or virtual, or a blend of the two, we will ensure that audiences hear all the intended messaging and are left with a positive experience that reinforces your brand. We can provide all forms of events – conferences, seminars, round-tables – as well as moderating them too.

Executive speechwriting

Got an important business speech coming up, and need help preparing it? Look no further! We’ve worked with scores of senior execs and CEOs, helping them craft and deliver engaging speeches and presentations, largely for the corporate events that we’ve been trusted to produce for them.

Our approach to speechwriting draws on that events experience. Great speeches are written to be heard rather than read. They keep audiences engaged due to the conversational simplicity of the language and a storytelling structure. Our three-stage speechwriting process starts with getting to know you and culminates in hearing you deliver it on the day.

The power of events

Events are a potent form of business storytelling. They demonstrate the client’s ability to draw an audience, if not convene an industry. They position the client as an expert, as a leader. They create ‘buzz’ and positive word of mouth, building trust and promoting loyalty. Through owned and earned media they create content that lives on well after the event.

We produce corporate events for media and technology groups, among them Sky, Freeview and the Digital TV Group. They trust us to deliver professionally polished events that delight and inspire audiences. We bake impact into events, making them memorable and entertaining as well as informative and engaging.

Our process starts with a clear understanding of your:


  • What’s the event’s primary purpose?
  • What do you aim to achieve?
  • What type of event are you planning?
  • Are you aiming for an in-person or virtual event, or a blend of the two?


  • What’s the story you aim to tell? How do you aim to tell it?
  • What are the key themes?
  • What messages are you seeking to get across?
  • Do you have speakers in mind?


  • Who are you targeting?
  • How do you want people to feel?
  • What do you want them to do – during and after the event?
  • What do you want them to remember about the event?

We will work in close collaboration with you, suggesting compelling speakers and helping to secure them. We’ll craft a coherent programme with a logical flow, and provide content for a companion website with speaker photos and biographies written to a uniform style.
Every speaker takes part in a pre-event briefing call and receives a detailed briefing note. This explains everything they need to know about the event, the session in which they are speaking, and the key points we want them to get across.
We also produce two detailed documents that together comprise the event ‘bible’:


  • The event script: the words that the event host and panel chairs will use (we will print these on branded cue cards as well as loading them onto a teleprompter)
  • The production schedule: detailed directions and timings for the event director and livestream vision mixer to follow
We have taken this approach to virtual and hybrid events, working with innovative partners and creative production staff to deliver highly successful online experiences for clients and their discerning audiences, whether they are ‘in the room’ or watching at home/ in the office. Animated stings and on-screen name captions give the online experience that added TV-feel. We can produce these, as well as post-event videos, with subtitles, and subtitled clips for social media.



“Graham did an incredible job with the Sky Tech Summit 2022. Working through the programme, building out the speaker briefs, and working with the Sky events team to bring the vision to life. On a personal note, I’ve learnt a huge amount and you’ve been a pleasure to work with!”

Anna-Marie Ferguson, Technology Transformation Programme Director, Sky

“Graham has a rare mix of being passionate about the media industry with deep knowledge of trends and influences, and an evident journalist training and outlook that allows him to communicate in engaging ways. I fully recommend Graham as your strategic partner to craft and enhance your own messaging and even produce and deliver this as needed. Meet Graham and you will be convinced.”

Simon Frost, former Global Head of Media Marketing & Communications, Ericsson

“Graham was superb in producing our relaunch event. It was a crucial moment for us as a charity, and needed to be of the highest quality with a clear narrative about how we were transforming. Graham attends to everything that’s required, and the magic is that he creates a flow through the event that tells the story. Can’t recommend highly enough.”

Alex Pumfrey, CEO, The Film & Television Charity

“Graham is a thorough, detail-oriented, knowledgeable and approachable event producer who will leverage his extensive international network to find the best talent and concoct value-add content, all with a great sense of humour and making all involved feel at ease! I strongly recommend Graham for event production, and I look forward to working again with him in the future.”

Claudia Vaccarone, Inclusion Strategy Manager, Netflix

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Graham. It has been my pleasure to have worked with Graham over many years, on a wide range of projects. He is a highly polished professional.”

Richard Lindsay-Davies, CEO, DTG

“Over the last five years Graham has played an integral role in helping establish Everyone TV’s ‘Outside the box’ as a key event on the TV conference circuit. His enthusiasm and commitment combined with amazing organisation skills and attention to detail result in super-high production values. Always collaborative and passionate, always going beyond the call of duty, Graham is a joy to work with and I always know we’ll get excellent results whatever it is he’s supporting us with.”

Liz Reynolds, Director of Corporate Communications & External Affairs, Everyone TV


Lovelace Consulting was founded by Graham Lovelace in 2005 following the sale of media intelligence provider Lovelacemedia to The Press Association.

Graham started his career as a journalist and editor in newspapers and TV news. He was the founding Editorial Director at Teletext Limited and also a founding director of Associated New Media, the business that went on to create MailOnline, the world’s leading online news brand.

Before Teletext, and its parent, the Daily Mail Group, Graham worked as a senior editor and journalist at the BBC, Visnews (now Reuters TV), BSB News (now Sky News), ITN, Channel Four, The Press Association and Pearson regional newspapers.

Graham is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program, and a member of the Royal Television Society.


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