“Graham has a rare mix of being passionate about the Media industry with deep knowledge of trends and influences, and an evident journalist training and outlook that allows him to communicate in engaging ways. Graham is a prolific commentator on Twitter and respected chair and producer of many industry events. I fully recommend Graham as your strategic partner to craft and enhance your own messaging and even produce and deliver this as needed. Graham has a network of complementary agencies and contacts to enhance his proposition no matter your need. Meet Graham and you will be convinced.”

Simon Frost, former Global Head of Media Marketing & Communications, Ericsson

“We had the privilege of having Graham as our Executive Producer of Streaming at Scale, Sky’s inaugural Tech Summit. Graham provided guidance, wisdom, and hands-on support from the initial planning stages through to the event day, ensuring we achieved the highest production values possible.”

– Cathryn Bowers, former Programme Manager, Sky

“Graham is brilliant to work with as an event producer and organiser. He is passionate and insightful, with great attention to detail and and fully understood our needs. He helped us deliver an event that communicated all we wanted to say in an engaging way.”

– Jonathan Thompson, CEO, Digital UK

“I strongly recommend Graham for conference production and I look forward to working again with him in the future.”

– Claudia Vaccarone, Head of Market Research & Customer Experience, Eutelsat

“Graham’s planning skills and attention to detail are excellent, which means as a client I had total confidence that everything would be delivered to plan and budget. His knowledge of the media world means he also brings a lot of added value – I look forward to working with him again in the future.”

– Guy North, Managing Director, Freeview

“I worked with Graham on the Connected TV World Summit 2016, me contributing, him leading and sourcing speakers and chairs. He was a pleasure to work with – fast, full of ideas, enthusiastic and he fostered a good, cooperative ‘workflow’ that worked for everyone. Then he delivered a first class event without hitches.”

– John Moulding, Editor-in-Chief, Videonet

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Graham. It has been my pleasure to have worked with him over many years, on a wide range of projects. He is a highly polished professional.”

– Richard Lindsay-Davies, CEO, DTG

“Graham has a deep knowledge and understanding of the extent to which digital technology is transforming the broadcast industries – especially television. As Chair of the Technology session at our annual International TV Conference he has had to respond quickly to a changing brief on more than one occasion and has done so in style.”
– Mike Sainsbury, CEO, asi Ltd

“I have known Graham for many years and collaborated with him in our various media and new technology roles. Graham is a deep thinker and a shrewd operator. His views on media evolution have invariably been insightful and prescient.”
– Hugo Drayton, CEO, InSkin Media

“Graham’s insight, depth of knowledge and expertise in the digital media world have made a significant contribution to the development of our own strategy in advertising sales across the African Continent. It has been a pleasure to work with him.”

– Peter McKenzie, Managing Director, Oracle Airtime Sales

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