Anna Jones interviews Sky UK CEO Stephen van Rooyen after his opening keynote at Streaming at Scale, Sky’s Technology Summit. September 2016


7 Things That Make For A Great Event

Great events don’t just happen. In our experience they are the result of seven key ingredients:

1 Effective planning

  • We will work with you to create an event plan which sets out::
    • The purpose of the event and its aims
    • Who you are aiming this at (the audience), and who you want in the audience (specific individuals and organisations)
    • The story you are planning to tell (themes, key messages, tone), and how this flows throughout the entire event
    • Planned memorable moments and key audience takeaways
    • Post event audience actions (what you want the audience to do next)
    • Who is responsible for everything during the planning stages, and on the day

2 Appropriate venue

  • Criteria:
    • Size – seating capacity; you may need an exhibition space
    • Location/ convenience
    • Flexibility
    • Overall tone

3 Appropriate Chair, Moderator, MC

  • There are three types (we can recommend people who fit the bill):
    • The professional media presenter
    • The subject matter expert
    • The ‘celebrity’

4 A well briefed Chair

  • Working from script notes, or if necessary, a complete script (which we will write) – printed on branded cue cards

Prof Brian Cox keynote interview with Ray Snoddy, IBC 2014

5 Relevant speakers

  • We will brief speakers on the event purpose and aims as well their individual session, and the key points/ messages we want them to get across
    • We can help secure excellent speakers, including celebrity speakers
    • We can speakers with their presentations
    • We can write speeches (including keynotes)

Set for IBC Leaders’ Summit 2014. Chair: Andrew Neil

6 High production values

  • Effective staging
  • Professional and fully briefed AV team, who are working from a production schedule (we will produce this)
  • Clear branding at the event
  • High quality AV materials (slides, audio, video, sound effects, music)
    • We recommend you have a bespoke animated ‘sting’ to settle the audience at the beginning of each session (we can produce that for you – here is an example)

7 Overall ambience

  • The room is easy to find, clearly signposted
  • The wi-fi is easy to sign into and works
  • The Twitter hashtag has been created, and the timeline has been pre-populated
  • Refreshments are what you’d expect

 In short … Make it relevant, make it memorable; make it fun and stay-to-the-endable!

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